The Advantages of Nearshore Software Development

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The business world continues continues to grow, and other aspects such as the search for global talent grow with it. Remote work has also become increasingly normalized since the Covid-19 pandemic, and many have discovered an opportunity to access global talent to add much more value to companies. Offshore software development has been growing over the last decade, and is now, according to Statista, a global market worth billions of dollars, with an estimated value of $413.7 billion in 2021. Nearshore Software Development presents itself as an option for those who are not considering large-scale offshoring due to financial, bureaucratic, or other implications.

In this blog, we want you to learn more about Nearshore Software Development and have a clear understanding of its advantages for businesses.

What is Nearshore Software Development?

Nearshore Software Development is an offshore operation in which a company hires technology talent from countries geographically close to the company’s home country or operating base. This approach aims to limit the geographical area to places where the time difference is not too wide and that also includes countries or locations with high fluency in the company’s language, such as English.

If you’re in a country like the United States, your best Nearshoe option is probably in Latin America. In Latin American countries, you can find companies like NativApps that have developers in both Latin and North America, specifically in the U.S. Some prominent countries for Nearshore Software Development in Latam are:

  • Colombia: according to Stackoverflow, in 2018, Colombia alone had over 60,000 software developers and around 13,000 students graduated from college from technology-related programs each year. It’s the birthplace of successful applications such as Rappi and Morado, which are innovating in Latin America. The Colombian government is constantly implementing bilingualism programs and aims to have more English-speaking professionals by 2025.
  • México: sharing a border with the United States, Mexican teams are familiar with North American work ethics and culture. In addition, Mexico has convenient time zones and is one of the Latin American countries with the most developers who, by the way, love Python!
  • Costa Rica: with the highest English proficiency rating in Latin America, Costa Rica is a great option for many! There is no significant language barrier and its education system is excellent. This makes for developers specialized in a wide range of programming languages.

What are the advantages of Nearshore Software Development?

There are plenty! This offshoring solution provides competitive advantage to companies that contribute to the security of their operations. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Greater proximity to your company’s headquarters – a great benefit of having Nearshore talent is that you can travel to the chosen allied operation center more quickly and cost-effectively. You can also bring the development team to your headquarters if needed, with the same advantages just mentioned.
  • Convenient time zones — one of the reasons why many avoid offshoring is precisely because of the time difference between countries. By working with Nearshore Software Development, you can avoid the inconveniences that may arise in communication, and there is a perfect time zone to execute projects in the best way possible, attending to customer needs more instantly and effectively.
  • Specialized local talent search teams- many companies that provide Nearshoring services for foreign industries have specialized teams that search for talent for you, which is convenient considering how complicated it can be to build a team from scratch with international talent.
  • Scalability and flexibility allows scale up or down your development team without worrying about recruitment or hiring.

Plus, it’s actually much more likely that they’ll understand your company’s cultural language and the work culture that you have in place.

If this type of operation wasn’t on your radar already, we hope this blog has helped you learn more about it. At NativApps, we’re experts in Nearshore Software Development and we have highly qualified developers. Still have some doubts? Learn more here.

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