Business Merit Award: A Milestone in Our Journey

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NativApps shines among 28 elite companies, recognized by Simón Bolivar

The Business Merit Award, presented by Simón Bolivar University, has bestowed upon us the honor among 28 distinguished companies hailing from six different regions of Colombia.
Earning accolades in the ‘International Trade Merit’ category amidst a pool of over 28 contenders spanning departments such as Atlántico, Magdalena, Cesar, Bolívar, Antioquia, and Cundinamarca, is an achievement we celebrate in the fourteenth annual iteration of this prestigious event.

This accolade stands as a symbol of the sheer determination and commitment of our team, fostering an impressive growth of 180% over the past three years. Furthermore, it underscores our success in conquering the U.S. market, with staggering 90% of our clients now hailing from this dynamic nation.

Yet, this recognition is more than just a reflection of numbers; it’s a testament to the unity and solidarity within our organization. Our development talents are now making a significant impact in over 10 Latin American countries, with employee retention rates remaining consistently below 2%.

At NativApps, we are thrilled to share that this honor serves as a powerful motivator to continue our journey, designed by unwavering transparency and a commitment to meeting the diverse needs of our global clientele, for over 14 years. With talent and technology as our guiding pillars, we look ahead to a future filled with boundless opportunities.

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