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Belongs to a selected group of first-movers that represent the IT industry of Colombia, portraying the country’s IT brand.


 About us

We are an IT house with over 14 years of experience providing software development solutions to the world from our headquarters in Barranquilla, Colombia. With our motto “we make IT happen”, we focus on co-creating tools that drive the digital transformation of our clients, making their processes more effective and profitable.

Thanks to the commitment and dedication of our IT experts, we team up with our clients through flexible and fast processes that increase the development capacity of their digital projects and achieve growth in their organizations.

Our value proposition is based on development capacity, high responsiveness and flexibility.

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Our mission

Our mission is to be the key partner for companies striving to improve their business model through information and communication technologies, offering solutions that enhance their operation. We build tools that enable our clients to reach efficiency and competitiveness.


We are enablers of digital transformation, providing a great remote experience through high tech tools for a successful monitoring of the development pipeline.


Gustavo De La Vega

Founder & CEO

As software developers, we place great emphasis on designing highly
reliable and effective products for our customers, applying the latest and most innovative technologies used in the industry.