Presidency highlights NativApps Group’s success for the internalization of its services

The Colombian president, Iván Duque Márquez, highlighted that NativApps Group companies, including The Orange Lab, are an example of exporting services based on knowledge, in the Asamblea BID 2021 that took place in Barranquilla. 

 Within the margin of la Asamblea del Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID), that occurred between March 16th and March 19th in Barranquilla, Colombia, the president, Iván Duque Márquez, highlighted NativApps Group’s achievements in the internalization of services and its input in diversifying the country’s economy, as well as its success in generating quality jobs. 

The president of the company’s groups, Gustavo De La Vega, composed by NativApps (a software development company); The Orange Lab, digital marketing; Walá, virtual education; Tripple, open innovation; and Jelow, contact centers; was invited by the Colombian president to speak to the country and tell them about how hard work, talent and support from government programs, it’s possible to create companies that produce opportunities and transcend the country’s borders, even considering the current situation in the market caused by Covid-19.


During his allocation in the ‘Prevención y Acción’ program that aired this past Thursday from Barranquilla, the president highlighted that there are plenty of companies in the country that live to tell success stories about safe economy reactivation, one of them being NativApps Group. “These have taken part in our program’s citations and have experienced great trajectory”, he affirmed. 

Throughout the president’s presentation, De La Vega had the opportunity to tell the country that thanks to the work his team has done and the push from Procolombia’s programs, this business group achieved a growth of 50% in its exports and was able to preserve sources of employment from the previous year despite the complications brought by the pandemic Covid-19. 

“I want to deliver a very clear message: Government, businessmen/women and students, working together, we can travel great lengths”, said the NativApps Group president in his intervention. 

Internalization example

A day before participating with the president, De La Vega created a panel that explained strategies for internalization of the services based on profound awareness of the country’s situation, organized by the ministry of commerce, Industries and Tourism; Procolombia and Colombia Productiva, with BID’s support. 

This is where José Manuel Restrepo, the minister of Commerce, Industries and Tourism, took the time to highlight NativApps Group as an example for the country when it comes to internalization, while giving credit to the talent it withholds. 

“This business group is already exporting about 7 million dollars annually, this is almost 3 times the amount of blueberry exports from Colombia. It shows that exporting services based on knowledge we also diversify with added value within our exportation basket”, the minister added. 

De La Vega thanked Procolombia’s program ‘Fábricas de Internacionalización’, for supporting one of the group’s companies, The Orange Lab, in exporting to Chile this year, expanding its services to Cono Sur, after already having experience in providing services for its clients’ necessities in North America. 

At the present time, NativApps, along with Jumio, a multinational leader in identity validation that found an associate for its operations in Barranquilla within the business group, generates almost 600 job openings in the city, with its sights on growing those to 3,500 in the next three years. 

“We are a business group born with a vocation for exporting, but we also want other companies to invest in our country”, de la Vega emphasized. 

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