It’s Now or Never: A Perspective From Digital Transformation

“And suddenly we woke up one day and everything changed! … At Disney the magic faded, the Chinese wall is not so strong, New York sleeps and no road wants to lead to Rome …” Alberto Ciurana

Globalization unites our markets from an economic, technological, political, social, and cultural point of view, that it did not make us exempt from the spread of this virus worldwide. The blame is not on globalization for allowing the movement of people between countries.

As a society, we experience different types of disruptions. Which can be technological, economic, environmental, political, but this time we experienced a pandemic one. We have all taken new decisions due to the uncertainty and the governments’ measures we are facing now. However, some companies have had more insights than others to cope with this fortuitous event.

And which companies are these? Those with a disciplined digital transformation process within their organizations. Companies that improved their value proposition towards the market with quality, that achieved operational efficiencies through technology and innovation, and bet on new emerging technologies such as Big Data, blockchain, or Artificial Intelligence.

For example, many companies have had difficulties to continue their normal operations due to the concerns and process of adaptation. The lack of investment in tools such as Big Data and Analytics makes companies have little data, unusable data or no information to have a good decision-making process.

The above, driven by an outdated organizational culture, where flexible productivity and remote collaboration are never-before-seen practices. This leads companies to a learning curve to develop best practices that adapt to their needs, and this undoubtedly comes to inefficiencies in costs and time.

Digital transformation is not a fashion or an option. It is a need, and now more than ever, it becomes essential for companies to survive or grow. There are companies driven by immediate results, and as a consequence, these organizations still have data center machines instead of cloud storage. These companies use inefficient digital products that do not generate real-time data. They do not have digital tools to synchronize the work of their employees, and they do not have any e-commerce to help their direct sales.

The opportunities to optimize processes that lower costs and the development of solutions that improve distribution, production, or sales through digital channels to sell more or reach other markets are already available. The message is clear, digital transformation is inevitable and necessary, and the companies that take this process seriously are the ones that will remain on the market for decades to come.

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